Vacuum FAQs

what are all the attachments on my vacuum for? 

Cleaning UseAttachment
Pile Carpet & RugsMotorized Power Nozzle
Bare Floor and WallsWall/Floor Brush

Inside drawers, heating and air conditioning 

vents, and under larger appliances

Crevice Tool

Mattresses, Upholstered Fabrics,

Curtains, & Car Interiors

Upholstery Attachment
Blinds, Lampshades, and MoldingsDusting Brush

How often should I change my vacuum cleaner bag? 

Most vacuum models are built with a "check bag" indicator light, however, you should get into the habit of checking the dirt level in your vacuum bag before each use. We recommend changing your vacuum bag when it is no more than three-quarters full. You may need to change your bag more often if you use your vacuum cleaner for pet hair or fireplace ashes. 

How often should my filter on my vacuum be changed?

Your vacuum filter does not need to be changed as often as your bag. If the filter shows signs of wear, or is excessively dirty or torn, it is time to replace it. HEPA filters, which are commonly used to solve allergy and asthma problems, remove the most dirt particles for better air quality. These type of filters should be changed every 6 months, or after the sixth bag change. The owner's manual for your vacuum cleaner will explain where the filter is located on your specific model and will provide instructions and recommendations for your vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters, which are used for