what are customers are saying

"I was given my grandmother's 30 year old Kirby. I love this vacuum cleaner. When I need anything from bags, belts or service for this vacuum I take it A-1 Vacuum in J-town and they keep it running like it is brand new. I have never experienced any pressure from them to trade my old dinosaur vacuum in and buying a new one. Their only interest is satisfying their customers wants."

- Michele S., Prospect Ky

"I found when I purchased my Riccar at the A-1 Vac J-town they registered my purchase and held  my  receipt in their system,  insuring that if I didn't  have my receipt they will have a record of my purchase.  Since they repair what they sell they  offered me a True Warranty Protection. When I was shopping for a vacuum cleaner I didn't want a check-out clerk to be answering my  questions I wanted a person knowledgeable in the product I was purchasing.  You can rest assured you are getting not only the best price but the best experience possible."                          

                                                    - Peyton M., Lagrange, KY

"When my husband and I were in the market for a new vacuum cleaner we did not want to do a lot of running around.  A-1 Vacuum-Jtown is a family owned company and that means a lot these days. The second generation now runs the company. We found the atmosphere comfortable and professional with an emphasis on customer service. They understand that without a customer base they simply wont exist. Personally we feel it is important to keep retail dollars here locally and where the customer's satisfaction means matter the most."

- Judy F., Jefferstontown, Ky

"I will not buy another vacuum from Wal-Mart ever again. This store has a selection that is amazing. I thought all vacuums were the same and boy was I wrong. Great customer service and I love my new vacuum."

- Laura D., Lousiville, Ky