compact vacuum cleaners

Compact vacuum cleaners are praised for the light-weight design and powerful performance. Their easy mobility allows for effortless cleaning and the small size enables convenient storage. A number of brands manufacture compact vacuums, each offering unique features. Visit A-1 Vacuum in J-Town today to speak with a sales associate and find the compact vacuum perfect for you and your specific needs. 


The experts at A-1 Vacuum Sales & Service are fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills required to service your compact vacuum cleaner. No matter how high the quality of a vacuum is, things still break, which is why we are proud to support your repair and service needs with confidence and over 25 years experience. Bring your broken vacuum into our store and we will provide the exceptional service, quality work, and affordable prices that you deserve. 

compact PARTS

A-1 Vacuum Sales & Services strives to serve all your vacuum needs. We carry a wide range of vacuum bags, vacuum belts, vacuum filters, and various cleaning products to provide you with the supplies you need, when you need them. If you are simply looking for a vacuum part or accessory, visit us at A-1 Vacuum Sales & Service, and we will be sure to help.